We have always been creating texts that work. We started long ago when “content” was simply called “articles”. We are writers by nature. We’ve been doing this for magazines, newspapers and news agencies. Then we learnt how to make good and right texts for the Internet, how to promote them online and started making it for web sites. Look who our clients are.

We’ve started launching web projects with the launch of the Russian parenting net www.baby.ru. The startup of that time it is now one of three leading web resources on pregnancy and babies.

Then Johnson&Johnson company was attracted by our successful experience of creating content www.baby.ru and empowered us to work on Russian edition of the world’s leading web resource on parenting www.babycenter.com. We started our work it in 2009. And keep on managing and updating it till now.

With this huge experience of creating content for various projects we are ready to implement any idea you have.