Blogs, forums, news

Blogs are gaining popularity. Audience likes reading offhand texts near formal content of the site. They love direct communication. They are curious to know behind-the-scenes details of your business. Arranging blog of your company on the site is a wonderful chance to satisfy this need.

You may either start your blog on any other promotional web resource, not necessarily on your site.

Anyway we can manage it. Our bloggers with a huge experience of writing things on all subjects and in any style are happy to help.

Writing is kind of art. It’s a vocation. You must love it to do it well. Our bloggers love it! You will see how quickly the traffic to your blog is growing and how interested the audience is.

Does your site has a forum? Do you create community of your fans? If you are planning to then let us know. We can arrange a forum, invite participants, offer topics of discussions to get them started. And afterwards we will be managing their activities and stimulate others to join. Sounds good? Right! That’s a very effective way to boost traffic and to raise brand awareness.

Writing news is something we’ve been doing since we’ve just started writing.

We can either translate news for you or write them from scratch.

If you need a news column for your site call us or leave a request.